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Terrazzo Chips | Shades of Red

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Choose our colorful jesmonite terrazzo chips to add in your Jesmonite, Aqua Resin and craft projects. Made with Jesmonite, terrazzo chips are hard pigmented chips that come in different shapes and sizes. You will find thin, chunky (depth), large, medium and small chips in each batch.

Currently we offer terrazzo in three different sizes:  2oz, 6oz and 17oz. Each container is reusable and comes with a tight turning cap to secure all terrazzo. 

Create your own artwork by gluing pieces together or mix into jesmonite or aqua resin and sanding to perfection. 

Color: Red
Material: Jesmonite AC100, Jesmonite Pigments
Origin: Handmade in Michigan, USA

Please note:
All terrazzo products are 100% handmade and can be subject to discoloration or have lumpy chunks. Terrazzo chips are not similar to commercial terrazzo which contain marble and glass. Jesmonite is not marble or glass. Jesmonite terrazzo chips are hard paint chips with depth (not paper thin).  Jesmonite terrazzo chips are to be used for craft projects and decorative decor. This product is not food or microwave safe.

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